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Exploring the relationship between disability and architecture

IO: inside out

About Inside Out

Inside Out is a developmental project concerned with establishing and promoting creative partnerships and initiatives between deaf and disabled artists, planners, architects, funding bodies, the educational sector, communities and groups concerned with the built environment. We plan to place the work of disabled artists at the center of the debate. The features, art work and subsequent questions raised will encourage and promote creative solutions to practical and emotive problems faced by users, providers, builders and designers. We intend to widen the discussion with broader questions for the community at large. One theme will be about how we use and perceive space and our interaction and responses to architectural form. The debate will focus on questions of inclusivity, participation, access, and exclusion. Disabled artists are constantly re-evaluating and questioning the built environment and the physical world at large. Largely this is through practical considerations such as access, and problems around function and form. The disability perspective raises issues which effect us all as artists and people. Inside Out plans to establish a forum for interested parties and provide usable content and educational resources to address and challenge our relationship to the environment. What we see, as we delve through the content is celebratory and at times confrontational. The work explores differing notions of physical and emotional states. Ideas around public and private space, hidden histories, questions of access, sensory perception and the correlation between the physical and existential world. Too often disabled and deaf artists are left out of a creative dialogue about a built environment which is often difficult, if not impossible, to navigate. This has to change!

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