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Exploring the relationship between disability and architecture

IO: inside out

Squaring the circle

The year ahead

Over the next year Signdance will continue their work at St George’s Beneficial School alongside artist Joolz Cave-Berry. Their plan is to work with staff and students in developing the young people’s ideas to re-design the school entrance and foyer area. Artist Jon Adams, will work with design students, as well as recording the social histories of people in and around Portsea. In conjunction, Mark Ware will develop a prototype ‘sound dolman’ to create additional sensory elements to the concept of Squaring the Circle.
“Squaring the Circle, has given me freedom to develop my practice. To provide students with the opportunity to engage fully and take their learning into their own design work, it’s very important to use a ‘live’ project. This series of ‘engagements’ can positively influence practice in both directions. It’s exciting as an artist to develop collaborations and to have further ‘unpredictable’ journeys stimulated by working with the students. It is providing raw material for further works and enabling my practice to evolve, at the same time.” Jon Adams, Project Artist
Squaring the Circle will form a key part of the redevelopment plans for the university areas bordering Portsea. To raise awareness of the proposed project, there will also be a marketing campaign engaging with local disabled artists. The Art Plus Award Scheme for Art in Public Places is a joint initiative by Arts Council England, South East ( and SEEDA ( The scheme encourages and celebrates the contribution that art and artists can make to improve the quality of our environment. Art Plus provides funding and support for organisations and artists to develop their skills in commissioning and creating innovative public art of outstanding quality.
‘The potential of this project is huge. It would be the first acknowledged permanent piece of public ‘Disability Art’ in the UK and the first entirely disabled led creative team on a project of this scale.’ Stevie Rice, Director Dada-South
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Tony on site

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