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Exploring the relationship between disability and architecture

IO: inside out

Outside In: Uckfield Community Technology College

Outside In: key responses

The next step for Inside Out is to review the pilot and consider what further projects and links can be made to develop a wider variety of educational responses to the site.
“The Inside Out project has been an extremely valuable educational resource, that offers teachers a rich and exciting link to the issues at large. The non-prescriptive nature of the work itself, particularly the more conceptual pieces, has allowed me to facilitate questions and provoke debate between my students. This, in turn, worked as a springboard for further inquiry and inspired pupils to make independent responses through visual research and analysis. It would be useful to engage Inside Out artists, perhaps via a residency or some form of virtual interaction. An Education Pack would also help to guide teachers across the curriculum and through the Key Stages.” Tanja Gangar, teacher

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