‘refashion’ is the primary AI-aided assortment primarily based on round design methods


How can we reuse fabric & scale back pre-and publish-purchaser textile waste?


The way sector and thus the manufacturing of clothes represents simply one of the crucial resource-intensive sectors that’s using a linear monetary system of choose-make-use-dispose in its mainstream. At current, further than 2/3 of a garment’s local weather affect stems completely from the creation: fiber, yarn, materials, and soaked remedy. With 53 million tons of fiber developed nearly each 12 months and 87% ending in landfills, {the marketplace} is polluting the ecosystem and squandering cherished property.


However what if we might scale back this and recapture worth? By way of ‘refashion’ sequence, Clear up Studio presents the response. 

Refashion is the world’s 1st round fashion course of that makes use of pre-built multifunctional fabric blocks and it creates a large number of variations making use of and reusing the equivalent fabric with the assistance of synthetic intelligence (AI)

the refashionable jumpsuit that may be dis- and re-assembled into different varieties from the assortment

pictures by Alexandra Petcu, scenography by Vlad Osiac



‘refashion’ is developed for a spherical financial local weather


To take care of the reutilization of textile materials, the multi-disciplinary employees has produced an progressive resolution design and elegance and manufacturing plan of action that’s depending on a novel spherical construction approach. They plan to implement this methodology through automated organizing of producing/restoration and AI-aided design and elegance. Simply after 3 a number of years of collaboration, the primary section of the problem has been correctly finalized by producing a evidence-of-strategy choice bearing the identical determine because the system — Refashion.


The gathering was made using three pre-intended multifunctional fabric blocks, designed from Tencel and GOTS accredited pure cotton. The gathering is made up of about 10 numerous varieties: a number one, 4 apparel, two skirts, a bolero, two jumpsuits, and a reversible jacket. Furthermore showcasing how versatile the fabric blocks may be, every particular person garment may be merely disassembled, redesigned, and remanufactured into other forms at a organization-amount, following they’re returned by the conclude-consumer.

reversible and refashionable Lagom jacket



‘Along with the crew from the Chair for Dialog- and Interplay-based largely Strategies, Institute of Laptop Science, Faculty of St. Gallen, Switzerland, through Prof. Dr. Andrei Ciortea and Prof. Dr. Simon Mayer, I’m anticipating this tactic to extend servitization within the supply chain and thus to assist scalable spherical economies within the clothes trade’ factors out Cristina Dan, round method researcher and founding father of Resolve.


The AI-aided spherical design and elegance tactic would be the first of its kind, the place human creativity is elevated by artificial intelligence. The novel fashion approach is presently minimal to the handbook meeting and reassembly of fashions. Long run examine will intention on trying out the probably of industrializing the round construction approach through automation and AI.

'refashion' is the first AI-aided collection based on circular design strategy

the Lagom jacket reversed. Lagom may be phrased as ‘not too small, not means an excessive amount of, good’ in Swedish

'refashion' is the first AI-aided collection based on circular design strategy
the Måne prime rated (Moon prime) may be remodeled into different kinds this type of because the Orka bolero

'refashion' is the first AI-aided fashion system based on circular design strategies
the Nordlys costume is refashionable, zero-waste, and reversible (entrance/again)

'refashion' is the first AI-aided fashion system based on circular design strategies
the Nordlys robe reversed

'refashion' is the first AI-aided fashion system based on circular design strategies
for the Mångata robe, two pre-designed materials blocks have been utilized

'refashion' is the first AI-aided fashion system based on circular design strategies

the three pre-made multifunctional fabric blocks can set up any design from the assortment




the most friendly (for use and the environment) kimono-style trench, the Ven (friend) kimono is made from one fabric block

probably the most welcoming (to be used and the setting) kimono-style trench, the Ven (buddy) kimono is produced from a single material block

all the styles are made from natural certified fibers

all of the varieties are produced from all-natural licensed fibers

the orka bolero in GOTS certified organic cotton. Orka means 'to have energy'

the orka bolero in GOTS certified natural cotton. Orka signifies ‘to have power’

this dress is made from Tencel lyocell and GOTS certified organic cotton

this robe is designed from Tencel lyocell and GOTS licensed pure cotton

enterprise data:


determine: Refashion
designer: Treatment Studio

major designer: Cristina Dan

photographs by: Alexandra Petcu

scenography by: Vlad Osiac



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